JBF Robot Competition

What is the JBF Robot Competition?

This will be a competition of original robots made with LEGO®

The competition includes two events:
1. Demonstration Walking (Being able to walk beautifully)
2. Item Battle (Knock down items)

Participants have to take part in both events using the same robot.

The competition is free to enter and open to anyone who can bring their original LEGO® robot creation!

Event Details

  • Time and location will be announced here.
  • Registration Period: May 20th, 2019 at 11:59pm (Japan Standard Time)

Demonstration Walking

Time Limit: 2 minutes

The robot will walk around a 2500mm x 900mm field and perform. Participants can also use this time to explain their robot to the judge.

Item Battle

Time Limit: 3 minutes

Robots will walk around a 2500mm x 900mm field and attempt to knock down items. There are five items on the field. Each knocked down item is one point. The participant who gets 3 point first will be the winner.

Items will be placed on the center of a stand. The stand is 150mm high and will be fixed to the field. The items are made of three wheels (15038).

The field may be made of plywood or cardboard. Robots will need to walk on several different materials. There is also a field bump of a few millimeters that robots will need to get over.

How to Enter

Interested in joining the 2019 JBF Robot Competition? Please fill out this form!

Winner’s Prizes

There will be three awards:

Champion – First place of Item Battle
Vice-Champion – Second place of Item battle
Gold Award – First place of Demonstration Walking

Prizes to be announced.

Competition Rules

The same robot must be used in both events, Demonstration Walking and Item Battle.

Robots are not allowed to attack the opponent’s robot or throw objects at it.

Japan Brickfest is not responsible for any damage to robots, including theft or loss.

Requirements for Robots:

  • 1. Robot must be made using only LEGO® parts. Motor can be from Technic or Mindstorms. Your robot can use only 4 motors.
  • 2. Robot movement must be bipedal, quadrupedal, hexapod, or multiped. Robots can not run on tires, crawler, or trackbelt.
  • 3. Robot size must be within 250mm x 250mm x 400mm (during the game up to 400mm x 400mm x 400mm). There are no weight restrictions. Robots can not separate into 2 or more robots.
  • 4. Robot controller should be wireless and maximum 4 channels. For example, if you use the 2-channel Power Function IR Remote Controller (8885), you can use two to reach 4 channels.
  • 5. Robot must stop when sent a stop signal by the player.