Q:Do you sell advance tickets?
A:No. Tickets are only available on the day of the event (cash only).
Q:Do I need to make a reservation in advance to enter the venue?
A:No, advance reservations are not required as the venue has not instructed us to restrict admission.
Q:Can I leave my children at the venue?
A:For safety reasons we cannot allow unsupervised children to be left at Japan Brickfest without without their parents or guardians.
Q:Will food be available at the event?
A:There are food stalls situated in front of the main building. You must eat oustide, but you can re-enter if you have a stamp on your ticket.
Q:Are food stalls available?
A:Yes, there will be food stalls (ticket system).
Q:Can I eat or drink inside the venue?
A:Eating is allowed only in the outdoor eating area. Canadian Academy is a school for children, so please help us to keep the facilities clean.
Q:Can I bring food into the venue?
A:Please do not bring opened food into the venue, you cannot eat inside. Pet bottle or sealed drink bottles/thermos are ok.
Q:Do you have any car parking?

A:If you come to the venue by car, please use the TIMES car park building north of Canadian Academy.
*There is no parking available at the venue (Canadian Academy), and street parking is not allowed.