Events & Activities

Activity Area

Try out various activities with the members of KLUG! You’ll even have a chance to check out a demonstration of next year’s robot battles!

【Who Can Participate】All guests are welcome to participate, including adults. 
【Participation Fee】This event is free(limit of 100 people each day)
【Where】Gym 1
【Activity Time】10:00am to 3:00pm
※Event time and availability subject to change.

GBC (Great Ball Contraption) Workshop『Let’s Try Making a GBC』

【Presenter】Akiyukiさん(English translation available)
【Workshop Fee】5,000 yen per person
※Additional fee applies if you would like to take parts home (1 set: 10,000 yen for about 400 pieces. Subject to change.)
These sets can only be purchased by workshop participants.
【Contents】GBC Introduction → Make a GBC stair module → Connect with everyone through GBC
【Who Can Participate 】Anyone interested in making their own GBC, people who are new to GBC. You won’t need to prove your LEGO® skill.
Ability to understand Japanese or English is required. Should be high school age or above.
This workshop is open to both builders as well as the general public.
【Capacity】Limited to 10 people.
【Benefits】You will receive Akiyuki’s original GBC text book!
Available to workshop participants only (not for sale).
This is the actual manual used in the workshop.
【Time】3 hours (includes 15 minute break)
【Planned Date】June 9th (Saturday) 10:00 to 13:00 (Subject to change)
【Registration Deadline】May 12th (Saturday) 23:59 (Japan Standard Time). Will close early if all seats are filled.
Registration for this event is now closed.

■”It took 2 1/2 hours to put it together while following the manual. When it was finished and I tried moving it, I thought it was cool. Watching the ball move was pretty impressive. I could keep on watching it without getting tired. I’d like to try building some other modules. I came up with a lot of questions while putting this together, so I think taking the actual workshop is important to really understand the mechanisms behind how the GBC moves and why certain parts are used in different areas. I realized that basic knowledge is even more important than just putting it together.” – Edwin Knight, KLUG Ambassador

Brickmaster Competition 2018

Do you have what it takes to become the next Brickmaster?

【Who Can Participate】Master division: Junior high school age and over. Kids division: Elementary school students 6 years old to 12 years old.
【Participation Fee】This event is free, but registrations are limited
【Event Time】Kids Division Qualifying & Final Rounds, Saturday June 9th
Master Division Qualifying & Final Rounds, Sunday June 10th
【1st Round Registration Period】February 28th, 2018 at 11:59pm (Japan Standard Time)
【2nd Round Registration Period】April 28th, 2018 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)
※Event time and availability subject to change.

Japan Brickfest is looking for participants to join this years Brickmaster Competition.

This competition is divided into a kids division and a master division. Qualifying and final rounds will be carried out during the two days of Japan Brickfest, and then this year’s brickmasters will be decided.

The competition is free to enter so please join us if you think you are good enough!

More details and registration here.

Mosaic Art

Let’s make our own mosaic art!

【Who Can Participate】All guests are welcome to participate, including adults. 
【Participation Fee】This event is free(limit of 100 people each day)
【Activity Time】10:00am to 3:00pm
※Event time and availability subject to change.

Stamp Rally

Can you collect all of this year’s stamps?

【Who Can Participate】Stamp rally sheets are given out with every child ticket. Adults may participate too. Supplies are limited. 
【Participation Fee】This event is free
【Activity Time】10:00am to 2:45pm (or until sheets run out)
【Prize Draw】

Winners will be announced twice each day. The morning draw is at 12:00pm and the afternoon draw is at 3:00pm. Winners must be present to receive their prize.

Stop Motion Competition

Japan Brickfest are looking for talented Brickfilm and CG filmmakers who are interested in entering our Stop Motion film competition.

【Who Can Participate】Anyone may submit their film. Viewing during Brickfest is open to all guests. 
【Participation Fee】This event is free
【Screening Time】To be announced
【Registration Period】Please submit your films by April 28th, 2018 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)
Registration period extended to 2018/5/12 (Saturday) 23:59 (Japan Standard Time) due to some technical issues.
※Event time and availability subject to change.

This year’s competition has 2 categories:
Medium Film (under five minutes)
CG (under five minutes).

Successful applicants in these categories will have their films screened in a theatre during Japan Brickfest where viewers will vote for the best film.

Winners will be announced on the 10th (Sunday) in the Black Box Theatre, as well as on the official Japan Brickfest Twitter and Facebook accounts.

More details and registration here.