Brickfest Builder Competition

What is the Brickfest Builder Competition?

Builders participating in Japan Brickfest compete with each other in a variety of competitions.

This competition is only open to participating builders.

Event Details

  • Entry Deadline: June 11th, 2022

How to Enter

Just bring your MOCs to Japan Brickfest 2022! We will have a table to display them.

Winners will be announced at the VIP Party.

Winner’s Prizes

Some nice prizes to be announced!

Competition Rules

You can enter 1, 2, or all 3 competitions.
However, you can only submit one entry for each competition.

The Themes for 2022 Japan Brickfest

1: Creator 3 in 1 Rebuild!

Use the parts from the Shark Set (31088) to build any creation you want. You may only use the parts from one box.

2: Collectible Minifigure Brickheadz®!

Create an original Brickheadz® based on your favorite collectible minifigure!. You don’t need to own the minifigure, but if you do, we’d love to see your Brickheadz® figure and the minifigure together!

3: Speeder

Create a speeder up to 12 studs wide, 20 studs long, and 8 studs high, which fits a minifigure driver comfortably. Any style is welcome!

Winner’s Gallery


LEGO® Choice

Creator 3 in 1 Rebuild
Benjamin Fong
One Man Spaceship
Chris Hoffman

Guests’ Choice

Creator 3 in 1 Rebuild
Wallace Chow
Bryan Gabaldon
One Man Spaceship
Ben Knights