Japan Brickfest 2018 -Kobe Fan Weekend-

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Japan Brickfest is Japan’s largest international fan built LEGO® event and an official LEGO® Hub Event* since 2017. This is an exhibition of LEGO® brick built models with more than 270 LEGO® fan builders from all over the world gathering in Kobe to show off their creations! This is an event that all ages, from young to old, can enjoy, including games and fun activities for children and families, as well as stage events, a flea market, and a food area.

*LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group. This is an official LEGO® Hub Event. Hub events are LEGO® fan events that are held in Denmark, Portugal, and Japan.

News & Information

  • [2018.02.28]Builder registrations are now closed! A big thank you to all of the builders and groups that registered!
  • [2018.02.19]We’re looking for talented Brickfilm and CG filmmakers who are interested in entering our Stop Motion film competition! For details and registration, check out the Stop Motion Competition 2018 Page!
  • [2018.02.01]Brickmaster 2018 First Round registrations have started! For details and registration, check out the Brickmaster 2018 Page! Deadline is February 28th at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time), so sign up soon!
  • [2018.02.01]The 2nd round of builder registrations has started! The second round will last from February 1st through February 28th at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time). Space is extremely limited and this round will close early if we run out of tables, so be sure to complete your registration as soon as possible! Questions about how to register? Please check out our Registration Guide.
  • [2018.01.29]We are happy to announce that we will have a Brickmaster Competition and Stop Motion Competition at Japan Brickfest 2018! More details to come, so be sure to check out our Events Page! We can’t wait to see your amazing creations!
  • [2018.01.29]Great news! There will be a 2nd round builder registration From 1st February until 28th. We had a lot of registrations in the first round, but after arranging the tables it looks like we can make a bit more space. Because of this, 2nd round registrations will depend on space availability and will be decided in order of when you register. It will be your last chance to join Brickfest 2018 as a participant/builder. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  • [2018.01.01]The first round of registrations is now closed. Lots of registrations again this year! After confirming the first round registrations, we may open a short second round. Look for an announcement near the end of January.
  • [2017.11.15]Japan Brickfest 2018 Builder Registration is now open! The first round registration deadline will be 2017.12.31 at 23:59(Japan Standard Time). We’re looking forward to seeing lots of builders again this year!
  • [2017.11.02]We’re almost finished getting the new registration system setup. We are expecting to open the builder registration within the next week!
  • [2017.10.23]We have a new website! Some features are still being updated so check back often.
  • [2017.09.20]We are going to start booking builders tables in October. More information coming soon.


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